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We take care of your ideas!

Are you from healthcare and have an idea for an unsolved problem?

Are you looking for support with the implementation?


The artificial intelligence start-up lab (AI-Founder Lab) is a project from the KI-Med Ecosystem Lübeck. The goal is together with Medics, Computer scientists and Company identify unsolved problems and generate AI-based ideas for the solution. ​That's why we create prototypes and check the projects for their feasibility and profitability. Our interdisciplinary team consists of computer scientists and start-up consultants. We can draw on the know-how and technical resources of the KI-Med ecosystem and thus develop quick solutions together with you.


Do you want to know more about us? 

We would love to get to know you and your ideas.


The AI-Founder Lab in Lübeck is a pioneering AI start-up lab in the healthcare sector that offers budding entrepreneurs innovative ideas and support for their business start-ups. Our comprehensive services, from coaching and mentoring to incubation and acceleration, give entrepreneurs the tools they need to turn their ideas into successful real-world businesses.


Our offers

Develop and verify ideas

They have the know-how in their domain and are also aware of the challenges and current problems. We would be happy to discuss possible solutions and work out possible solutions together with you.

Develop business model

Right from the start, we ask ourselves the question of the economic viability of solutions and check the projects for their economic feasibility.

​Rapid Prototyping

Many ideas get stuck in the "one should..., one should..." stage and are not implemented. Our goal is to develop prototype solutions as quickly as possible and to test these prototypes in practice.

Check medical technical feasibility

In healthcare, both the medical (MCEA) and the technical functionality (FMEA) have to be modeled on the way from the idea to the product. Here we make our knowledge available to you and are happy to put you in contact with our network.


We offer foundation workshops and idea generation to help you in the first step. It is important to collect many ideas and identify the most effective ones.


In the next step, we create prototypes and check the feasibility and economic viability of the projects. Our interdisciplinary team consists of computer scientists and experienced innovation and start-up consultants.


We have access to the know-how and technical resources of the KI-Med ecosystem Lübeck to develop quick solutions together. We also provide support in applying for funding projects or founding a company.

KI-Innovation Kit

Healthcare Startups

AI-Founder Lab

is a project from the KI-Med ecosystem Lübeck. The goal is to work with physicians, computer scientists and companies to identify unsolved problems and challenges and to generate AI-based ideas for the solution.

It is our job to connect the scientific and the entrepreneurial world and to implement the know-how from the university in business projects. We have a large network and can also initiate necessary partnerships if necessary.


Our network

consists of various computer science institutes of the University of Lübeck (UZL) and theUniversity Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH). Other partners on campus and a large number of medical technology companies actively complement the network.



Shape the medicine of tomorrow: combine your ideas with AI technology!


AI - Lab Lübeck

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