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AI-Founder Lab Team.


The AI-Founder Lab in Lübeck is a unique initiative that brings together a diverse team of experts from different areas of healthcare. Through this lab, we strive to develop innovative and creative solutions that improve patient care and help healthcare providers work smarter.

Our team consists of people from different backgrounds and a wealth of experience in the fields of artificial intelligence, healthcare, finance and business. Our passion is to create meaningful products and services that can make a real difference in healthcare.

We believe that with our combined skills and experience we can make a difference in the medical ecosystem.

Roman Spendler_MG_7194(1).jpg

Roman Spendler

Business Development Manager


After 20 years of successful work as a consultant for small and medium-sized companies, KI-Gründerlab Lübeck welcomed Roman Spendler as part of the team. His expertise in the field of start-up consulting and marketing is particularly valued.

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Yasser Mawad

Chief Technology Officer


Dr Yasser Mawad works as Chief Technology Officer at KI-Gründerlab Lübeck and brings his know-how in the field of artificial intelligence in connection with the Internet of things (IOT) to the projects.

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The mission of KI-Gründerlab Lübeck goes beyond the mere provision of technology solutions. We develop ideas and solutions for healthcare in connection with artificial intelligence. With our services, we ensure that our customers' applications are always up to date and thus create the conditions for successful business models.

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