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Shape the medicine of tomorrow: combine your ideas with AI technology!

Welcome to MedAIdea, the innovative application that combines your expertise with artificial intelligence to shape the future of medicine! Imagine having a creative and powerful assistant to help you develop customised solutions for the challenges in your practice or clinic. With MedAIdea, this becomes a reality.

Every day you face complex medical problems and do everything you can to provide your patients with the best possible treatment. You know first-hand the hurdles and inefficiencies in healthcare and what changes are needed. Now is your chance to become the catalyst for these changes!




your input


AI assistant







MedAIdea offers you the opportunity to

  • identify and share the problems you face in your daily practice,

  • tapping into the collective knowledge of your colleagues to promote innovative solutions.


With your unique insights, we aim to revolutionise healthcare through collaboration and creativity. As a medical professional, you have the expertise and vision to drive meaningful change. Join us now and use your potential to shape the future of healthcare. Together, let's turn your ideas into progressive innovations.


MedAIdea provides a comprehensive platform for healthcare professionals to discover and utilize the latest AI-powered technologies. Our AI Founders Lab services give healthcare professionals the opportunity to identify innovative solutions that can help improve patient outcomes and increase operational efficiency. Our services provide access to a wide range of AI-enabled tools and resources, as well as expert guidance and support to help healthcare professionals make the most of their AI-enabled solutions.


Become part of our network.

Quickly get qualified feedback from AI experts on your idea and the opportunity to participate in its implementation.


Let's work together to improve health outcomes.

Do you have
Idea, questions or suggestions?


You can reach us personally from Monday to Friday from 9:00-15:00 on the telephone number 0451/3101 6400

Do you have the possibility to,
describe problems and challenges that you have in everyday work?

We value your time very much, so we want to make sure the survey is as short and concise as possible.

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